Hello Everyone.

I hope that you had a fantastic Christmas day and that you are looking forward to a spectacular new year.

I’m stuck in Sucre as a strike has been called throughout the country because of the increase in fuel prices. No one can leave the city by road, all busses have been cancelled and anyone trying to leave  (including cyclists) will be turned around. So I’m hoping it doesn’t last too long although there are worse cities in which to be stranded.

I won’t be updating this site as of today and this will be my last post here so please could you go to from now on.

I hope that you like the new site. As with all new ventures there are one or two teething problems that will be sorted out over the next few weeks. As you can imagine internet access is not the best in Bolivia so it’s a very slow process. I will update the new site with my adventures in Bolivia as soon as I can.

Happy New Year to you all.